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For Clubs, Leagues and Sports Associations

RosterLogix developed by coaches and parents to increase trust, transparency, and communications so you can focus on what matters most.


Get more done in less time and deliver a better member experience with less administration and more rewards; like happy parents, players and coaches.

Effectively communicating with your entire roster, association or group is critical.

Solutions for Clubs, Leagues and Sports Associations


Easy and simple registrations for your club, group or association. This can be free for your members depending on your program or bundled with our payment feature.

Efficient, Simple and Flexible!

  • Unlimited Programs

  • Unlimited Teams/Groups

  • Team Building

  • Coach/Leader Assignments

  • Player Management

  • Tryouts

Registrations + Payments

Bundling payment processing with our Registration workflow allows your club or association to easily collect payments for program registrations! You can be price programs or down to team specific pricing. Our industry leading payment processing partner will process payment and deposit into your account within days! Fast and Secure!

  • Easy Payments and Fast Payouts

  • Flexible Pricing

  • Safe and Secure

  • Program and Team Pricing

  • Player Management

  • Canada / U.S.A.

Tryouts & Team Building

Just like you, we are coaches and parents. We have gone through the pains and frustrations you have. We have suffered the countless tryouts, with poor communications, total chaos and no transparency. RosterLogix helps coaches BUILD BETTER TEAMS and COMMUNICATE with parents and players effectively during tryouts.

  • Tryouts

  • Player Management

  • Team Assignments

  • Easy Registrations

  • Coach Dashboard

  • Offers / Releases

What our happy clients say

“I love RosterLogix! This app saves me stacks of paper, time and money, and lets me see my roster health in real-time on my phone or laptop. Great work!”
C.M., Coach

“BLOMHA is doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our players. RosterLogix is the best solution available to help us protect players, families and our hockey community.”

R.D., Executive Director

“Finally a solution that brings integrity back to the tryout process. and puts kids first. This is an incredible solution to increased compliance”

J.M., Hockey Parent

“I love the modern idea and the experience from tryout registration, coaches selections, offer letters and acceptance. This is good for associations, coaches, parents and players.”

S.N., Hockey Operations, Assistant GM

“I have heard from trainers and coaches on how easy it is and how it takes some of the worry off their hands. Players have stayed home because they have honestly failed the wellness check and it is a reminder to take wellness seriously.”

C.K., Head Trainer

“Our training facility and RosterLogix are a great fit. We set up programs, camps, and events with wellness checks for all our athletes with ease. RLX SHIELD is great! This is awesome! Thanks RosterLogix.”

C.O., Coach, Pro Hockey Goalie